Monday, January 7, 2019

Soul Divas Christmas Concert at Solaire

"Where world fails, music speaks."
Last December 6, 2018, I witness an amazing soulful Christmas concert at The Theater Solaire by our one and only Soul Diva, Jaya and award-winning international singer, Patti Austin.
They both owned the stage when they sang their famous song.
Getting in the theater is not that hard because there are some taxis/grab cars and even private cars can drop you off in the entrance.
The theater is located on the second floor so before reaching that place you can find shops and restaurants on the first floor.
The concert started just in time and I find it amusing because they don't allow DSLR and even camera phones during the concert.
As for me, that is favorable because I would love to focus on the music than my phone which I have with me all along.
The show started by Andrea, a young performer which sang a Christmas Song.
Then, there's the Madrigal Sigers which is a group of award-winning young performers under The Madrigal Foundation.
They sing their signature ad Christmas songs too.
Then, LA Santos, an award-winning young performer who bagged multiple awards, also serenade the guests as she sang his original songs and other hit songs.
What I loved the most is when Jaya sing her hit songs which make a sing along too.
I felt bad and even cried when she announced that her mother in law just died that morning before her concert and even dedicated a song for her.
It was indeed a memorable and heart-touching concert.
Then, Patti Austin sings her hit songs and I am happy because my mom had a great time.
She totally can relate to every song she sings.
The concert is definitely a hit and if ever in the future, I would love to attend again.
This is also a concert for a cause wherein the proceeds will be for The Child Haus.
The Child Haus is a temporary shelter for indigent patients from different provinces who have cancer or other dreaded diseases.
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How do you find this concert?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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