Sunday, January 20, 2019


Ten years ago, I am a college student taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and I might say that this isn't my first choice of degree.
I still don't know what I want and taking a risk on what will happen on the next day.
I can say that right now there's a trend which they called #HowHardDidAgingHitYou and must of the people posting their 10 years ago picture versus the recent one.
It might be funny that yes I am the bandwagon but I haven't posted yet.
But for now, what I will share with you is not my throwback pictures but what did I learn from the last 10 years.
#1 I learned about self-love
When I was young, I tend to be influenced by a lot of things because that's the time I am actually figuring out the world and trying out new things.
I try to please people just because I want to fit into their world.
Even doing the extra mile not knowing that persons will just treat like no one.
Through those years, I developed this what they called self-love.
And yes, it's the only person in the world who knows you better, who can treat you better and will never leave you alone.
It's rewarding that when I started loving myself, I started loving and appreciating more about life.
#2 I learned to say 'NO'
In this world full of critics, they won't care what you will respond to them but in those years I am living, saying 'NO' is the hardest word.
I loved to pleased people that tends me to say 'YES' most of the times just to secure my spot.
But what happened on those 'YES' is that I experience rejection.
In those years, I realized that it doesn't matter what people will think about me but yes, it will matter.
But it will just matter for those people who don't care about you.
So what I did is that whatever I think that should be responded with 'NO", I don't regret it because for me, if something doesn't fit me or something I am not willing, there's the term "NO" for everything.
#3 I learned to be disciplined
When we're young, we don't care much about how we look and what's our lifestyle.
Years ago, I always eat whatever I want without getting fat, I don't care about the amount of alcohol I intake and even trying out different things.
But what I learned is that people do age and what we're doing now will have an impact in our future.
Good lifestyle will lead to a good life.
I learned that it's a must to monitor what we are eating because not everything is safe now especially on our health.
I learned that it's okay to party and drink alcohol but moderately because it will not help or make you anything better.
I become more health conscious because yes, we are aging and it's the only gem we have in our lives and we must take care of it as a precious stone.
#4 I learned not to compare myself with others
As I told you, when I was young, I tend to please people more than myself just to fit in the society.
In this way, I have the habit of comparing myself with others. 
I realized because I do what I do in my own unique way, comparing myself to other people is a waste of time because it’s like comparing apples to oranges.
Instead of comparing, focus on what makes you happy and what life stores for you.
#5 I learned that it's okay to be indecisive
You may say that yes this is no good but I will share with you why it's okay to be indecisive.
We always make plans and wanted everything to be perfect.
It makes me realized that it was normal to feel like giving up on a regular basis when things got hard.
We can change the path sometimes when everything is not in order.
The generation now days having trouble figuring out what they want.
What can I advise them is that it's okay to shift degrees, change careers and even failed in marriage because that's how life works.
It is not always perfect and in these obstacles, it will make us strong and will help us to become a better person than who we are today.
Always remember that you don't inspire others by being perfect.
You inspire people by how you deal with your imperfections.
It's okay to makes mistakes, or graduate at 30 years old, or have a house at 40 years old or even have a business at 50 years old.
We have our own pace and time and we just have to enjoy every second of our time.
Don't be pressured by society because no matter what you do in life, where you from and what's your nationality, all your dreams are valid.
Don't forget that!
Thanks for reading.
I hope I give a bit of inspiration today.
Have a great week.

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