Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Buzzin by Blogapalooza

"True influence is about leveraging authenticity."
Blogapalooza Inc. is your expert partner in developing and managing your influencer marketing strategy.
They started out as a yearly networking event that connected businesses and bloggers directly, and from there evolved to help its Philippines-wide influencer network (and they mean, the whole Philippines) reach the next level.
They transformed the annual safe space they created into an online platform, called Buzzin. Then they took it a step further and furnished it with all the information every business and blogger needs to get to know one another, without even having to ask.
Blogapalooza Inc. aims to be the most trusted and preferred influencer marketing partner, professionalizing the blogging industry and promoting systematized business-influencer relationships.
To empower bloggers and online influencers by providing opportunities for learning, growth, and sustainability.
To help businesses achieve marketing goals and boost business bottom lines through blogger and influencer activities.
To create an online and offline environment that allows for a professional interaction of businesses and bloggers/online influencers.
In the beginning, Blogapalooza started out as an annual one-day event for businesses and influencers to meet.
Then, they decided to think bigger.
Yes, the event is fun and you get to meet the coolest people!
But that’s the thing: what happens after you meet them?
To solve this dilemma, they decided that it’s time to take it one step further.
From being a one-time big-time event, Blogapalooza has formally incorporated to become Blogapalooza Inc., the Philippines' premier influencer marketing company.
They connect businesses and bloggers directly, helping businesses lower their costs and increase their profit with the help of rich content from bloggers.
Nowadays, their family is Buzzin!
They’ve built a loving tight-knit family who constantly strive for greatness!
They’re definitely more that just the event now.
Buzzin is just one of our initiatives that connects businesses to influencers by using a high technology system that enables streamlined matching, objective measurement of key performance indicators, and monetization of content.
They compare and measure hits, reach, and engagement among all content creators across all campaigns.
Buzzin is a search trawler that figures out what you write about, what niche interests you the most, and what your stance is.
Then it matchmakes you, your favorite Blogger/Influencer, with your perfect Business partner.
They’re not stopping anytime soon!
They have bigger and better plans up in store!
They’re creating new things for you!
They’re almost done building a safe space for people to create their own content.
They’re calling it the BlogaHub!
Exciting, isn’t it?
They have so much in store, just you wait!
Big changes real soon.
Baby steps? More like large strides.
They’re on a roll and soon Blogapalooza Inc. will be the talk of the town because they are a force to be reckoned with.
How do you find this?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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