Saturday, November 21, 2015


Happy Saturday everyone!
It's been a long week of not updating my blog and I'm sorry for that.
Though I've been sick for almost 2 weeks, I received an amazing news that I just can't wait to tell you soon.
I stay at home last week to rest and sleep so I can have some energy to work today and do some task on my blog as well.
I wanted to share with you that I cut my hair as well so if your following me on INSTAGRAM, you knew that I cut it short. yaaaayyy!
So for today's outfit, it brings out my inner urban style.
I always love comfy outfit because I think i can pull it off everywhere I go.
Luckily, I've seen this shirt dress from CHOIES and find it very stylishly urban.
I love the seal face printed in front as it add a playful touch on it.
To add colors to it, I opt to wear my Vans palm print slip on.
How do you find my outfit?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice week ahead.
CHOIES shirt dress | ZARA carrot pants | VANS slip on | CHLOE bag | SPLASH sunglasses

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