Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thursday!
How's your week going?
I'm happy that my health is now back in shape. Yaaaayy!
I am surprised to know when I get back that in less than in a week, I received 400 followers in BLOGLOVIN
So let's celebrate for my 500 followers and I can't thank you enough for all the support you've been doing since I started blogging.
Blogging life is so tough, there are ups and downs.
If your following my blog, you knew that my 2 previous blogs had been deleted with no further reason.
It's hard and very depressing especially when you put a lot of effort, time and hard work on that.
There will come a time that you just need to move on with your life and start a new one.
So what I learned from blogging?
* Blogging is not only about photos -- when I'm trying to share my outfit, travel, etc I make sure that my content is readable and my readers can really connect with it. I always make sure that beside on the quality of the photos, there is also a quality of writing.
* Blogging needs to be organized -- when I am not busy, I make sure that I draft some of my future post or even plan it out for a month. A 12-16 post in a month would be great for your blog and 3-4 times a week would be fine.
* Blogging is demanding but challenging -- as I said, it really needs your time and attention. You should know what time and day it is best to post your content. 
* Blogging is addicting but fun -- blogging is like a space of your own. You can say or post whatever you want as long it's not violating your platform terms and conditions. It can reveal your inner creativity by designing your own or let some friend help you with.
* Take a break when needed -- When it's my time to get off from work as I'm working from Sunday-Thursday, I make sure to relax and take a break from blogging. I never touched my laptop during Friday and Saturday and post on those days as well. It nice to have some 'me' time and not worrying about anything at all during your rest day. 
* Connect people around the world - isn't it nice to have virtual friends around the world especially when you feel connected with each other through your blogs.
* When all else fail, just smile and move on -- as i have mentioned that my 2 previous blogs had been deleted for no reason at all. You need to be strong enough to face that everything you've put through are now gone. Just like what I did, after month of depression, I move on and started my blogging life once again and here we are.
How about my fellow bloggers?
What are the things you learned from blogging?
Thank you for reading.
I'm thankful for all the blessings I'm receiving right now and I'll speak out my biggest news soon.
Have a nice day ahead.
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