Sunday, November 29, 2015


Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone's had a great thanksgiving and black Friday!
My week is good so far, I take a rest and visited a Japanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi over the weekend which I will be sharing with you soon here in my blog.
Today, I would love to share with you how I style myself at work.
* Minimal - I always make sure that I still look polished with few accessories on. I usually put one accessory at a time either it's necklace, bracelet, scarf, sunglasses. As they said, less is better.
* Business - In my line of work, people should be dress properly. I prefer to wear anything with blazer on it to make it look more of a  business attire.
* Stick with the color tone - I usually pair based on the color like for example on what I wear on the photo. When I wear black skirt, I make sure to pair it with the same tone on my top.
* Wear flats - I'm wearing heels too if you asked me but for long hours of working it's better to stick on the comfort side so I prefer wearing flats especially when you have so much errands to do. If you love wearing heels but wants comfort, you can bring your flats or leave it under your desk so If your feet feels like to rest, you can wear it anytime.
* Try to bare some skin - I love styling my work outfit and as a fashion blogger, there's lot of random style I have on my closet especially when it comes to my top. I am guilty and having tons of crop top and cut out top so I try styling it with some of my midi skirt and high waisted pants. 
* Comfort at it's finest - as I always mentioned here in my blog that I always make sure when I style or wear something is that i'm actually comfortable with it. Nothings feel better to wear something you can carry anywhere and anytime.
* Not too short/Not too long - It's a big no no to wear something that is not appropriate in a corporate world which I pertain wearing shorts, mini skirts, over floor length dresses or bottom. Know the right length for you or ask your favorite tailor about this.
* Keep it real - I love people styling themselves to look confident and be who they are. It is more important to please yourself rather than dressing up to please people around you.
So that's for now!
I hope you take some tips I shared with you.
How about you?
How you style yourself in a corporate world?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
BERSHKA top | BLACK SHOP skirt | COMFORT PLUS flats | SPLASH coat | SPLASH sunglasses | BLAULING watch | ALDO necklace


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