Thursday, October 29, 2015


What a great Thursday everyone!
I still can't believe that the days of October are running out.
The time really flies so fast and I'm happy that even my month had been so rough, I am still here writing my post for you.
Ready to inspire and look forward for a bright day.
Before hand, I pause and think for a while.
What are the things that inspire me?
I will let you know in question.
WHO? - I am inspired by the people who are living simple. For me, they had the best time of their lives. Simple for me means they are down to earth, easy to talked with, living within their means, humble and contented on what they have. My best example would be Mother Theresa. 
WHAT? - My quick answer would be when I feel being loved and respected.
WHERE? - I am inspired when I'm with the people closed to my heart and I feel belong to that certain place.
WHEN? - I'm usually inspired when people are accrediting my work and they give good feedback on it. When I'm reading beautiful comments on my blog, I feel happy and inspired to do more.
WHY? - I am inspired because there's a lot of good things to be happy and be contented with.
HOW? - When i'm inspired, I usually grin and smile with no reason at all.
How about you?
What are the things that inspire you?
When I want to inspire others, I always make sure that my post would be related with everybody else and would be based on our everyday life.
So for today's style post features my CHOIES romper.
I know my style had ups and downs this past few months but I wanted to tell you honestly that i'm not a girly girl kind of style.
When i'm on sneaks and comfy clothes, i feel better and feel free to do whatever i want.
I think fashion is for everybody and there's is nothing wrong whether you have a gypsy, bohemian, rock, edgy, sporty, sweet, etc. style.
What is important is that you are happy and comfortable on what you wear.
I hope you like my styling of this comfy monochrome stripes romper.
Thanks for reading.
CHOIES romper | ADIDAS shoes | SUZEN bag | SPLASH hat | CHOIES accessories | BLAULING watch


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