Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Happy Hump Day and Happy Septem'ber' guys!
It's another month to stay focus and keep our goals running before the year 2015 ends.
I've been busy for a few days and I'm sorry if just now I updated my blog.
I'll make it up with you this month-- i promise!
Any way, today's outfit featured my sunflower print dress.
I love this print so much because of it's vibrant color.
The material is cotton so it's light and easy to carry on yourself.
I love wearing dresses over tights too because I feel more comfortable with it.
I know some parts of the world enjoying the fall season but here in UAE, we still have the humidity and high temperature.
So for me, I love to wear comfy and light clothes anywhere.
How about you guys?
How do you prefer to clothe yourself?
Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.
FOREVER21 dress | H&M tights | AMERICAN EAGLE cardigan | VINCCI sandals

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