Thursday, September 3, 2015


Happy Thursday and Happy Weekend Guys!
Today's topic is about hard work & stripes which I think is related with each other.

I will let you know why.

As for me, I believe that in order to progress in life we need to work hard for it.

It takes a lot of years of experience and knowledge with the field that you chooses, for you to grab a high paying job.

Of course we need to choose the right course and school that we think suit our wants and needs when it comes to education.

On my experience, I came from a nice reputed school but the course that I took is not really my first choice.
My first choice is accountancy because even when I was a kid I love playing cashier, number cards and trying to solve problems.
But sadly, i didn't pursue it for a lame excuse that the admission line for that course is too long and i don't have patience to wait for 5-6 hours for me to admit.
Can you imagine that the line starts from 1st up to 6th floor?
So when I reach the highest floor, i give up not until I saw another course which has 8 people on line.
That's when I've been admitted in HRM.
I don't have any idea with that course and I even don't know how to cook at all.
So i just say to myself? Just go with the flow.
My college days is the best because I had the opportunity to go out of my shell.
My interpersonal skills boost when our school deploy us to different sectors like restaurants, hotel and even overseas OJT.
I realize that my course was not really all about cooking-- honestly it's just a little part of it!
In my 3rd year, our school has given a project to let 50 outstanding students to be deploy as a trainee to some reputed companies in Philippines.
The requirements given are if your willing to work and study at the same time and having a passing grade based on their standards.
I luckily passed their screenings and grading system.
Even though it's hard working, studying and training at the same time, all the works are paid off afterwards when they announced the people who passed during graduation to become their official employee as a manager in their company.
I can't believe that 1 day after my graduation at college, i become officially the youngest manager in the company.
I'm not boasting or what so ever in this post but I want people especially students to never back down.
If you have goals in your life, pursue it.
If you don't claim it, you won't get it.
If your fail once, try to do it for a second time around.
As easy as that!
Life might be rough and hard but if we set our minds with goals and try our best to do it right-- i think everyone will be a winner.
I hope i give some inspiration with you today that i do relate stripes with hard work.
Stripes for me is something nobody can't take away from you.
Any way, I really love this dress as it is comfy and easy to pair with any shoes and bags.
Another beautiful dress from CHOIES.
Thank you for reading.
Have a nice weekend.
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