Sunday, September 27, 2015


Happy Sunday!
What are the things you will miss on a summer season?
I know a lot of people have different views on what season they love.
As for me, as I grew up in a tropical country;  I fell in love with summer as this is the time to bond with  my family & friends, go to the beach and soak up in the sun.
So here are the 5 things I will miss during summer season:
* Wearing lighter clothes - of course you can't wear it during winter season! I love wearing clothes like this as I feel more comfortable and relax.
* Tan lines - as they said, you never go out of the sun without this. So for me, this is the best proof of summer on our body.
* Shake & Ice cream - we can indulge our selves with this anytime though it is not preferred to walk around the city drinking/eating this during winter season. As I love walking around the city, I sometimes bring some drinks like shake or an ice cream to complement the weather.
* Sweat - not everybody wants this but for me as a workout junkie, i love sweating a lot.
* Summer outing - as an outgoing person, i love going out during summer season as i feel more active and alive to do such activities.
As I love summer, I think romper will always on my list as one of my favorite trend this season.
So for today's outfit post, I'm featuring one of my favorite romper from CHOIES
When i saw this one their website, i feel in love with it quickly.
The material is light and comfy and you can move around comfortably wearing this.
It's nice to know that this piece is affordable and can be bought around 11$.
You may check it out here while supply last.
Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day ahead.
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CHOIES romper | DOLCE VITA shoes | ALDO bag | CHOIES hat


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