Friday, January 28, 2022

The Shapewear for all Sizes

Hi, it's been a while and I am here writing to you and I miss this.
Anyways, for today, I would like to share with you a discovery that all women will enjoy.
Shapewear. Steel corsets, whale bones, and girdles whatever you called them have defined the history of shapewear. For thousands of years, women have manipulated their bodies to fit fashion trends. In ancient Rome, women bound their busts to match the ideal of a small-chested, large-hipped figure. In the Victorian era, women became obsessed with the "wasp waist," using corsets to shrink their waists down to 16 inches. And flappers achieved a boyish figure thanks to hip-slimming girdles.

Shapewear has even changed history. During WWI, the US government asked women to stop wearing corsets because they used so much valuable steel. Women listened, and they freed up enough steel to build two ships.

In the past, shapewear wasn't just for date nights. 1950s housewives were warned not to take off their girdles when vacuuming. Victorian women wore corsets so often that doctors worried they were permanently damaging their bodies. And women even wore shapewear to the beach. From ancient Mesopotamia until today, women have used shaping garments to fashion their bodies.

Introducing Shappelx shape wears. Shapellx is known for its ongoing advocacy for body positivism and making shapewear flattering for every body type & size. We strongly believe that women deserve absolute power and control over their bodies, confidence, and what they decide to wear. Be that a pair of 6-inch stilettos or shapewear to help her feel on top of the world.

Here are some of my favorite shapewear from Shapplex:

* PowerConceal™ Lycra Seamless Thong Bodysuit ($68.90) from plus size shapewear - versatile and economical, the adjustable strap camisole is a must-have. Enjoy your ideal fit and style as straps can be adjusted for length. It has adjustable straps and seamless yarns.

* CoreSculpt™ Latex Short Torso Waist Trainer ($72) from best waist trainer for women - I find this very fashionable that can be worn inside and outside. When you sit down, the waist trainer doesn't touch your breasts or your thighs, it will be more comfortable for you. And It can fully wrap your abdomen and waist no matter which stature you have. It can be used as fashionable accessories of daily casual clothing, Halloween costume, cosplay, and party dress.

* NeoSweat® Leopard Fitness Waist Trimmer Belt ($78) - design lets you move freely through any exercise while the waist trainer’s adjustable compression lets it contour to anybody. It Corrects posture and helps to eliminate lower back pain, protects and prevents injury.

I love and am inspired by their customers' shapewear before and after testimonials. To know more about the products offered, check out their website and start your shapewear journey with Shappelx.


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