Tuesday, January 19, 2021

5 Clever Hacks To Maximize Space In Your Home

Who doesn’t want a house with 1,000sqm floor area? You don’t have to worry about small living areas for every member of the household. The catch is, not every house is like this. Most homes have to be ingenious to ensure every bit of space in their home is utilized. 
Homeowners have to find a good balance between using the space and avoiding the clutter in their home. It can be tricky to achieve this, but it’s not impossible. You just have to be clever! Check out five hacks to maximize the spaces at home.

1. Paint the walls with a light color
It may not seem effective, but it can work wonders — trust us! Light colored walls can make the room brighter and more open. This creates an illusion of the home feeling more spacious than what it really is. The bonus, light colored walls can complement well with any color or embellishments! This makes it easier to decorate the home with whatever designs you like. 
2. Downsize your dining table
It’s tempting to go with an 8-12 seater dining table for whenever your family and friends come over. While the intention is good, it can make your everyday space more crowded. If the household only has 3-5 members, choose a 4-6 seater dining table instead. This gives each member of the household a more cozy and spacious living space. After all, it’s you and your family who’ll live in the home full time — not your guests.
3. Build partitions instead of walls
A small house will only feel smaller because of walls. It divides the space and closes off the home even further. Instead of walls, build partitions — it’s even better if you choose a glass partition! You can separate each area of your house without closing one area completely. Best of all, they can be an aesthetic feature for your home too!
4. Make use of convertible furniture
The hardest challenge to every homeowner is fitting storage space. Fortunately, there are plenty of convertible furniture pieces out there. Be it a couch with storage underneath or a cupboard under the stairs, you can always choose the options that work best for you. If you can’t get customized furniture pieces, you can always utilize empty space under the bed or ceiling space.
5. Cut back on your decorations
Decorations are fine as long as you use them as embellishments. However, most homeowners tend to go overboard, especially when they’re too excited about moving to their new home. Going overboard only leads to clutter and makes your space feel more crowded.
Nonetheless, get a spacious house, enough for starting families! BellaVita offers houses with 22-24sqm of floor area in 36-60sqm of lot area. It’s fully equipped with a kitchen, toilet and bath, living spaces, and a bedroom.
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