Thursday, August 22, 2019

True Influence is About Leveraging Authenticity

"True Influence is about leveraging authenticity."
Way back 5 years ago, I was introduced to a digital world wherein bloggers are not that known.
The people who influence that time are so-called celebrities.
Time passed by and bloggers or what they called media boomed in 2015.
Then, vloggers or YouTubers become next to it.
Then right now, influencers are known all over the world wherein some maybe are people who have social media platforms that use it to promote product or brands and even monetize it.
They even brand influencers as new celebrities.
Then, recently influencers are getting flak of being called as freeloaders.
Wherein some companies or brands think of influencers as somebody who just gets free stuff.
Well, what's with the hate?
Let me clarify this to you so everyone has a better understanding of influencers.
Since I received a lot of messages and questions on my thoughts about this, well here you go.
I know this is a very controversial topic but I will share with you with my stand.
Disclaimer that all my thoughts and opinions are solely based on mine.
I think being an influencer takes a lot of experience and passion for what are you doing.
They are the people who actually can influence potential buyers of a product or service.
For those influencers that are just using the term influencer and take advantage of the free stuff can't be called that if that would be the only purpose they have.
That is why nowadays, some companies or brands are now checking the legitimacy of the social media presence and not only about the followers but also on the engagement.
Added to it, if the brands or companies reached out for you and ask for your rate card, we should not be shy away and just share your rate card.
You may ask payment as well if you think the deliverables are that demanding.
There's no harm in asking about your worth.
Influencers and bloggers are not getting just free stuff but they are putting a lot of hard work to create an amazing content so that it will be effective on the audience.
I also believe that some of us are full-time bloggers that this is the only income-generating medium that helps their means.
For me, there's nothing wrong with that as long the influencer/blogger is responsible for his/her action.
For example, if they pitch or proposed to the company and they don't receive any feedback.
I think they should wait patiently because some brands/companies are busy that sometimes they missed out your email.
You can follow up once and if they don't reply on your email and that's the time that you should forget about the collaboration and move on.
We should be responsible as well with the deliverables and commit well so we can have a good long-term relationship with the brand/company.
And lastly is to provide great contents for the client so that it will be effective and as well pleasing to them.
Well to sum it up, there is no right and wrong on being an influencer.
You can influence even a single person and the problem with today's society is that everyone bash everyone just to make them in or belong to.
I think people should start thinking about the cause of what the influencers are promoting at and think outside the box.
And also for the influencer to be responsible for his/her actions.
So what're your thoughts about this?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
PS: These photos are from the recent event I attended at BGC which is the celebration of a PR Company called Popstar.

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