Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life is as sweet as a Cupcake

Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope everything's going well over the week.
As of me, I already filed my vacation & maternity leave starting on May and I'm excited to go back home and now booking my flight, yaaaayy!
I am definitely the most excited mom to be for sure!
If you remember my previous post when I visited Asia De Cuba in Abu Dhabi, this is what I wore that night.
It seems like it's our date so I opt for a white maxi dress to look a bit classy and chic.
I'm actually having a baby bump by that time and I can no further hide it. lol.
Most of the time, my feet fell tired so I wear flats by this time.
The month of February is still a bit cold at night in Abu Dhabi so I put a scarf to be a bit cozy.
I'm happy that NEWCHIC sent out a cute cupcake bag for me to finish the cute chic look for that night.
There are a lot of cute bags they offer and I' love this one.
For more product offers, you may visit their site
How do you find this outfit?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
SPLASH maxi dress | BERSHKA cardigan | ALDO scarf | ALDO shoes | NEWCHIC bag 


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