Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Simple Ways to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night

Many career women spend more time in their workwear than they do in anything else. With a huge wardrobe full of blazers, button-downs, and pencil skirts, it can already be hard to choose an outfit when you have a social event to attend. If you’re meeting friends for dinner mid-week or going to a show, you will likely need to head there straight from work. Who wants to bring a complete wardrobe change with them to work when there’s a more straightforward solution? With some small tweaks, you can transition your daytime outfit into a more nighttime appropriate ensemble. 
The art of layering 
Certain tops or dresses on their own may not be appropriate for the office. A low-cut top, backless dress, or something strapless will look stunning for after-work cocktails. That said, you’ll need to cover-up during office hours. That’s where layers come in. By wearing a classic cardigan or blazer, you can still be professional at work and simply take it off during the evening time. A button-up cardigan, scarf, or cowl neck sweater can be layered over a low-cut blouse.
All about the jewels 
Adding a bit of bling can take any outfit from casual to fancy. A statement necklace or diamond earrings like the ones you can find at Fjewellery.co.uk will add some “wow” to your getup. Sparkly jewelry will catch and reflect the light when you’re in a dimly light restaurant or bar. It will draw attention and make you look polished and classy. Best of all, a small accessory can easily fit into your purse during the daytime and just thrown on before you go out.
Red lipstick 
Red lipstick will take any look from day to night. There are many different tones of red available so you can find one that suits your skin tone and makes you look fabulous. A red lip is bold and adds a pop of color to any outfit. It’s also an effortless way to transition your look with little effort. Red lipstick is appropriate for just about every social occasion and will make a statement. It can be a bit extreme for the daytime, so bring it in your purse for quick application.
Give yourself some lift
A classic pair of heels is a great way to make you look instantly ready for a night out, and taller as well! It’s no question that wearing heels makes you stand differently and exude confidence. That said, they aren’t practical for wearing around the office all day or while doing daily errands. Keep a pair on hand at work for last-minute changes in evening plans. If your friends call you up to go for dinner, you’ll be ready and prepared without having to go home to change. 
You don’t need a full outfit change to take your daytime wear to evening wear. When going home and freshening up isn’t an option; these easy tricks will ensure you’re ready for the night without effort. Look great during the day and make a statement at night.

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