Sunday, March 15, 2020

How to Enjoy a Stylish Trip to the Countryside

Escaping to the countryside is a common pastime throughout Europe. It takes you out of the big cities and busy lifestyles, and lets you relax amongst nature and the quiet life for a weekend away. Wherever you are, a trip to the countryside is the perfect getaway, especially if you feel stressed and need to breathe in some of that much-needed fresh air. 
Just because you are in the countryside, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the trip for the stylish opportunity that it is. The countryside has been the go-to destination for the rich and wealthy for centuries, so follow in that tradition and enjoy the ultimate trip by following this guide: 
Pack a Countryside-Ready Travel Wardrobe 
The items you will want to pack in your travel wardrobe will differ greatly to what you will wear in the city. The main activities when staying in the countryside, after all, are walking. This could be through wetland marshes, hilly hikes, or even along coastlines. Either way, you need clothes that suit the expedition, particularly in regards to your shoes. 
Galoshes or hiking shoes are going to be your friend on your trip, as are hard-wearing fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool. You can absolutely bring your pretty dresses for when you are in town and walking through the shops, but do remember to bring a few outfits ready for exploring the countryside on foot. 
Make Note of All the Great Things to Do in the Area 
The best way to explore any countryside destination is by car and to stay just outside of town centers. Visit Basildon, for example, and you can enjoy a thriving town life that has all your favorites in terms of shops and restaurants, and then explore the outer areas where you can enjoy: 
· Wat Tyler Country Park 
· Barleylands Farm Park and Craft Village 
By staying just outside of cities, you can enjoy the countryside and still be within easy reach of your favorite foods, like Thai options at You might also be close to other highlights, like the sea or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 
Book a Beautiful Country Retreat 
Wherever you go, even in big cities, there are areas where the countryside rules supreme and where you can rent either a room in a beautiful bed and breakfast or an entire property altogether. The best way to find a great countryside retreat is to ensure that it is within easy reach of all the things that you want to do in the area, and then search for: 
1. Bed and Breakfasts 
2. Boutique Hotels 
3. Vacation Rentals 
Try to find a destination that is a great place to be in and of itself. You don’t want to head out every day to enjoy the countryside, you want to enjoy the slow life right on your door step. 
Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dirty 
Go for a horseback riding tour, go to a farm to see the animals or enjoy fresh food. Or, pick your own food. The entire point of a countryside retreat is to get back to our roots and to enjoy slow-living activities in the fresh air.
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