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How to Eliminate Plastic Waste and Sustain an Eco-Friendly Environment

"Deciding to be environmentally conscious is not something you just decide to do ONE day. It is a choice you make on the FIRST day, and every day thereafter. Consistency is what makes it successful."
Last May 9, 2019, I traveled all the way from Manila to Puerto Galera to attend the event "TPS - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Seminar which is held at Coco Beach Island Resort which is a 10-hectare beach resort with facilities made from all-natural materials.
The place is designed and compliment with its surroundings.
It is located at Behiya, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro where the water of the sea is full of life; and the hills are full of coconut palms swaying with the breeze.
They have bungalows and facilities which is made from all-natural materials.
As of now, they have 4 restaurants, 95 rooms, a tennis court, a hanging bridge, sports facilities, 2 swimming pools, a spa that all blends with nature.
The event aims to strengthen the understanding of the Coco Beach family on eco-friendliness so they could strengthen their commitment to change and be a legit eco-friendly resort.
The event was held to their function area and was attended by 14 students from Puerto Galera High School, 16 community people and 20 Coco Beach Staff and of course myself.
The event started around 9:30 am and an opening remark was done by the Resort Manager.
Then, it follows the talk of Mr. Forester Pacifico Crisologo wherein he discusses the current state of waste management in Puerto Galera which I amazed on how it is organized and properly disposed of compared to Manila.
Then, there's Manila that he showed on how immensely polluted and if Puerto Galera will do the same, it will take the same effect.
Then, Ms. Joan Yap of MENRO talk followed when she discusses the steps LGU has been doing when it comes to proper waste disposal.
She also tackled R.A. 9003 that states that we should adopt a systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program.
She is also encouraging the locals in helping the community a better place.
After that, Ms. Fiona Faulkner from Plastic Solutions discussed as well what are the things that can pollute our environment and who are the cause of this which is obviously US.
Since plastic is an alarming thing because it can't be disposed right away and have a life span on earth and also it's already existing in our system, she shared a way on how we can reduce this and help the environment.
She presented the 'ECOBRICKING' which is sets of plastic bottles that have shredded plastic as well inside of it.
It can be used as modular furniture, garden spaces and even full scale-building such as schools and houses.
It helps to promote a zero-cost solid waste solution for individuals because of how easy to make it by yourself.
The only negative side about this is that they are un-decomposable and indestructible and can even compare to real cement.
When melted, it releases a compound gas which is very harmful to health and environment and even weakens our ozone layer.
She mentioned as well that they're company are making effort to reach out to big companies on somehow minimizing their use of plastic.
The event concluded with the realization that change needs to starts on our own because when we stop our self by availing this small plastic packages from big companies, this might give them a heads up that people nowadays are disciplined and aware of the environmental changes and harmful things it created. 
After the event, I had a chance to explore the resort and it was amazing which I will be sharing with you on my next blog!
Thank you Coco Beach Island Resort management and staff for having me!
Until next time!
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Have a great week.

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