Thursday, June 20, 2019

Get Your Instagramable Photo at Taiwan Black Sugar Tea

I will be honest with you, I am a milk tea lover and I can say that my bloodstream composed of it. (just kidding!)
Anyways, for today, I would like to share with you my experience at one of the milk tea shop in Taguig which is called Black Sugar Tea.
I visited it last weekend and I can say that my chic blood kick in once I enter the place.
The modern, stylish and chic ambiance is my thing.
You can totally notice it on the ceiling with drop lights, chairs and sofas, to the marble tabletop and led lights and words expressing the love for milk tea which you can see on my photo.
It is Saturday so I believe they are busy because as I noticed, customers are coming in and out fast.
Unfortunately when we visit it, the food options are not available and the only available snacks are fries and cheese sticks.
I wouldn't hype the taste because it is the typical snacks we tried even before.
What I will highlight today are the drinks I have tried.
They have milk tea series, black sugar series, fruit teas, charcoal series, fresh fruit shakes, fruity bubble sodas which are not available and lava drinks which we didn't try because we're not into hot drinks that moment.
Their prices range from P120 - P140.
We only have a chance to try each series except the ones not available.
So here are the drinks we tried and also my review about it:
* Dirty Mango Macchiato (P140/500 ml)
- I am a fan of mango that's why I choose this.
You can actually taste the mango and there's a creamy pudding taste at the top which I think is the macchiato.
It is a definite must try plus I love the cute packaging too.
* Strawberry Mojito (P130/500 ml)
- For those who love strawberries, you can actually taste the strawberry bits on it.
It is best to consume while it is cold.
It is perfect for hot timid weather.
* Oreo Milk Tea Brulee
- As a fan of oreo, I try this fusion just because my sweet tooth kicks in.
Well, I am happy that even there is an oreo, the taste of the tea is not removed.
I love that it has Boba on it.
The salty cheese cream pudding on the top is a great addition and it tastes like leche flan for me and it is like a drink with dessert on top.
* Black Sugar Boba Milk (P120/500 ml)
- When I am visiting a milk tea shop, I usually try their classic drink and this one totally swept my feet.
I can say that though it is small, it tastes so good with boba settling on the bottom.
* Black Sugar Matcha (P120/500 ml)
- I am a fan of anything with matcha so even they require us to pick one per series, I still push through to try this because why not haha.
I can say that their matcha drink exceeds my expectation and it tastes similar to one of my favorite milk tea shop which I will not disclose haha.
* Black Frost Charcoal Cream (P130/700 ml)
- This is actually a tricky yet so tasty drink.
The charcoal taste is a nice fusion on the milk tea.
It is quite dark but yet the tea taste is there.
I love that it has Boba on it.
You can also select your add-ons if you want it to on your drink.
They have boba (P15), black sugar boba which is my favorite (P20), Coco Jelly (P15), Grass Jelly (P20), Pudding (P20), Red Bean (P20), Salty Cheese Cream (P25), and Macchiato Cream (P25).
To know more about this place, you may visit them at West Campus, McKinley West, Taguig City.
They are open from 11:00 am - 12:00 mn.
You may check also some reviews on this place at ZOMATO.
How do you find this place?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
Black Sugar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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