Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sapporo, Now One of the Pinoy's Favorite Tourist Destinations

Sapporo is one fastest-rising tourist destinations in Japan.
Being Japan's fifth largest city, and the prefectural capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo boasts of a dynamic urban center and at the same a transit hub from which to access Hokkaido's mountains and hot springs with worthwhile attractions to keep you here for days.
After the showing of the hit movie, "Kita Kita" last year, a lot of Filipinos flocked to Sapporo, and were in awe with its numerous attractions.
Our national carrier, the Philippine Airlines, in fact have launched a direct flight from Manila to Hokkaido and back, because of the growing demand and recent surge of passengers in this destination.
That is why the City Government of Sapporo has initiated this event, "Sapporo Kita Kita: Sapporo City Promotion", as a gratitude to the recent developments that has made this city in Japan a popular tourist destination, and that Filipinos would be updated on what Sapporo can offer to the tourists.
The event, held in the best-themed Japanese Restaurant, Movie Stars Cafe locate din Centris Mall (EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue), were attended by the top travel agencies in the Philippines, as well as very special guests: Sapporo City's Vice-Mayor Koyu Kishi,; Sapporo Tourist Association President, Mr. Ryu Shibata; and officials of Philippine Airlines.
The show was hosted by the phenomenal star of "Kita Kita", Empoy Marquez, and the idol group, MNL48 performed one of their hit songs.
Everybody had fun and after joining the event, all those who attended, had the same wish list: be able to see Sapporo by themselves and experience what this much-talked about city could offer.
And, as Empoy Marquez's hit movie says, "Kita Kita sa Sapporo!" See you there... and with a SMILE!
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