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A Guide to the Best Fishing Destinations in Australia

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Aside from having some of the best that natural beauty holds, Australia is a premiere fishing venue that offers the serious fisherman some of the best fishing there is. Beach, boat and deep-sea venues cater for every type of angling, and with literally thousands of kilometers of prime coastline to choose from, here are a few of the world class fishing venues Australia offers the fishing enthusiast.
Cairns - If the thought of hooking a record-breaking black marlin, Cairns is the venue of choice, which is regarded as the black marlin capital of the world. The best stretches of water lie northward of Cairns, along the Great Barrier Reef, and the best time to catch a prime monster is between September and December. The stats tell us that approximately 70% of black marlin over that magic 1,000 lbs mark are caught in these waters. A quick search online will lead you to websites that help you know more about Cairns.
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The Northern Territories - Both Darwin and Kakadu National Park are ideal venues for barramundi fish. The “Top End” as it is known in the fishing world, is ideally fished during the barra build-up, which occurs from October through to December, as schools of barramundi congregate before the annual monsoons hit the region. If you miss this, do not despair, the barra run off happens between February to May, a time when the fish are to be found in the river estuaries.
Cape York, Queensland - The remote tip of Northern Australia is only accessible with a 4x4, yet the pristine beaches are ideal for casting, and if you focus your efforts on one of the many river estuaries, you are likely to be rewarded with some excellent catches. The species that inhabit this amazing region include barramundi, cobia, mangrove jack, queenfish, mackerel and cod, while not forgetting tuna and king salmon. If you need to buy quality fishing tackle, look no further than Fish Head, Australia’s leading fishing equipment online supplier, who can be reached with a simple Google search.
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Exmouth, Western Australia - Exmouth offers some of the most diversified fishing in the world, with the crystal-clear waters off the tip of the North West Cape that contain a wide range of species. You may want to take your Fcl Labo fishing rods here. There are more than a few gamefish that occupy the deep trenches off the reefs, with sailfish and striped marlin that will give you the fight of your lives. Catch and release is the policy whenever possible, which helps the fish population reach record weights. 
Of course, there are many more great fishing venues in this huge country, but all of the above do offer you the chance of hooking into a record-breaking monster, which, after all, is the reason why most of us go to all this trouble. Make sure you buy your fishing equipment from an online supplier, which will save you money, and prior to any fishing expedition, you would be well-advised to so some online research. Talk to the locals when you arrive, for an update on current fishing, and take their advice regarding bait and set up, as they know the waters better than anyone.
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