Saturday, May 5, 2018

Happy 200th Post + Behind Blog's Success

"To succeed you have to believe in something with such passion that it becomes a reality."
Starting up a blog isn't easy. I will be honest with everyone that it is not a smooth road to take in. I've been to ups and downs and even felt like giving up.
Sad to say that some people consider success in blogging to their number of followers and readers.
Well, guess what?
That being said, it is not, and should not be all about the numbers.
Do you want to know the secret in measuring blog's success?
In order to celebrate my 200th post and 5 years of blogging, I would like to share with you my secrets:

(1) It is about CONSISTENCY - you probably heard it many times that the most effective bloggers post regularly and routinely.
When it comes to this, I make sure that I posted 2-3 write-ups in a week and even schedule my post ahead of time so I won't be staggered in reaching my goal.
It allows steady traffic throughout the week and generating good interactive discussion on most of my post.

(2) WRITING SKILLS - well to be honest when I started blogging I am not that good at expressing myself and not even proofreading my post.
It doesn't mean that you need to be an expert or a journalist to be successful.
It needs to be genuine from your heart and mind and write like an individual.
In order for me to check my grammar, I always make sure to go to the app or site that helps me to correct errors.

(3) PATIENCE - it takes this to see the end result of a long journey.
There are times that your blog has lesser traffic than the previous ones or vice versa.
Every journey starts with a step and gradually you get to the peak.
Let your blog grow so you reap from the fruits it will bring at its due season.

(4) PASSION - I started blogging since 2013 but my first site is closed down by Google and up until now I still don't know what happens on it.
But it doesn't stop me from doing what I love?
So I created another one and believe that it will grow and grow as long as my passion is there and love what I am doing.
It is funny nowadays that people advise you to go find a niche that will generate income instead of something you are passionate about.
Profit isn't in passion, it's in popularity.

(5) PROMOTION - when you started a blog make sure that you also sign up for social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and a lot more.
It let you update your audience and engage with them.
It is also a great way to promote your blog and share with them what it is all about.

(6) FOCUS - I am actually pertaining the choosing of a niche of your blog.
Find a niche that you truly love and you'll find yourself in a great position.
Ask yourself why you are starting a blog?
Do you want to help people, inspire people or to make money out of it?
You can start a blog behind your passion and make money with it but I found it is easier to make money on niches that others are passionate about.

(7) HARD WORK - A blogger has to work day and night to find new ideas and he/she need to be active on all the social networking sites to promote his/her blog.
It is like a 24/7 job that requires a lot of effort and time.
I'm quite amazed by bloggers who have a day job and even parents but still manage to be consistent with being a blogger.

(8) WILLING TO LEARN - Blogging is a continuous learning.
It's nice to read a lot of other blogs to gain more knowledge.
Mostly blogger shares their experience so that others can learn from them.
So to be successful, one should spend time to read blogs so that you can increase your knowledge.
How do you find it?
Yaaaayy for my 200th post!
Thanks for reading.
Have a great week ahead.

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