Saturday, May 19, 2018

15 Things That Drive Me Nuts

Have you ever feel when your patience is crossing the line when somethings drive you nuts?
Whether it's on your way to work or during the day or even when you are traveling, things will turn out disaster once you feel that this is not the right thing to you.
I am just human and I feel that each one of us have something that annoyed us or irritate us.
I'll spare a bit though because trust me, there are far more than just the listed things that drives me crazy when I encounter it and I don't want to take up too much of your time.
So here are some of the things that drive me nuts:
(1) Flashing headlight on the fast lane
I really don't get it when people wanted to race on the fast lane and flashing their headlights on the car in front of them and taking chances for them to take over the lane.
(2) Honking for a long time on traffic
Well, technically it's traffic so I don't get the point of honking their horns since the cars are not moving.
(3) Putting the toilet paper under instead of over
It really doesn't drive me nuts but when it happens all the time, of course, it will really drive you crazy and in the end, you will initiate to change the position just to please yourself.
(4) Driving while on the phone
It's dangerous and also not appropriate to drive while on phone. If you have important calls, it's better to stop on the side of the road and take that call.
(5) Not flushing the toilet after use
This should be mandatory that once you use the toilet, you should at least flush it right?
(6) Repeating words or phrases
I feel annoyed when people think that I don't hear or mind what they are saying that it comes to the point that they repeat it many times. haha.
(7) Putting your mobile phone on speaker while talking
Especially if you are doing this in public or any place that is quiet like for example library.
(8) Bragging about oneself
It's nice to be confident at times but don't overdo it to the point that the only thing that is coming from your mouth is only about yourself.
(9) Using wet umbrella on a shaded/waiting area
Yes, it's raining but when you are in the shaded area already please be mindful of the people around you so they will not get wet.
(10) Posting too many personal problems on social media
I don't think that social media is the best way to solve any personal problems. If you want it to be resolved, better talk to that person.
(11) Posting pregnancy test that they are positive and make it as an April Fool's Day
This is a big no-no for me. If I am friends with you on Facebook or any social media and then you posted this as a prank, well I will definitely be unfriended you because for me this is not something you should joke around.
There's a lot of women struggling to be pregnant or to have a child and then suddenly you will just make fun of it. Hell no!
(12) Cut/jump you in line
A little courtesy to people who've been in line early before you would be nice.
(13) Wrong food served in a restaurant
When I am feeling hungry and this happens to me, my patience goes down but of course, at the end of it, you don't have any choice but to wait for your correct order.
(14) Being followed so much in a shop
I find it creepy when a salesman or woman followed me much in a shop, it feels like I am going to steal something.
(15) People who ask too much
It's ok to ask me one or two questions especially when we just met but don't overdo it to the point you ask my entire life.
Have you ever experience such things?
Did it drive you nuts too?
Let me know what you think about my list.
Thanks for reading.
P.S. I don't intend to offend people but this is the reality.
This is my personal side of the note.
So have fun reading it over and over again and let me know if you're guilty in some ways!
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