Monday, March 5, 2018

How to Style a Ruffle Top at Work

We all know that the New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week started this year with great fashion pieces from Marc Jacobs', Louis Vuitton and a lot more brand.
There are lots of fashion trend shown in each show and one of the trends I enjoyed the most is the ruffles.
In sewing and dressmaking, a ruffle, frill, or furbelow is a strip of fabric, lace or ribbon tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment, bedding, or other textiles as a form of trimming.
Nowadays, ruffles are now taking part in the fashion trend and there's a lot of ways how to wear it.
Some designers opt to make it as a design for a top, or a skirt, or a dress or whatever it is and just name it.
So for today, I would like to show you how I style this ruffle top at work.
When it comes to the corporate world, it is dim necessary to look professional at work especially for those in Executive position.
Since I'm a fashion enthusiast, I make sure that even I wear this, I still look professional.
I styled my look by wearing this ruffle top with floral midi skirt and pair it with pointed high heels.
I also wear an inner blacktop because, in my work, it is very strict to wear spaghetti strap top or dress at work.
Also, I make it more dramatic by curling my hair.
There are also some other ways to wear ruffle top such as below:
* Denim short/skirt/jeans - anything with denim goes along every time.
* Culottes/slacks - in this way, you can look professional at work.
* Overdress/jumper - you can wear it with spaghetti strap dress or jumper that makes it more casual.
* Maxi skirt/midi skirt - it will look dramatic and chic while wearing both.
How do you find this style?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
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