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3 Amazing Treks in Nepal

If you think trekking, then the small country of Nepal must strike your mind sometime or the other. After all Nepal is home to the highest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest and much of the Himalayan ranges straddle Nepal. Needless to say Nepal is every avid trekkers dream destination.
Nepal offers treks that range from the downright extreme to more moderate and easy ones. Whichever the trek, and whatever the level of difficulty what one can expect is spectacular views and an exhilarating experience. Considering this it is no surprise that Nepal is where the world heads to for some of the most amazing treks on the planet. Kathmandu remains the rallying point for the adventurers and is also  the capital of Nepal. Nepal is fairly well connected and most international airlines operate here. It is quite easy to book cheap Delhi to Kathmandu flights in case you are combining  an India trip with your Nepal odyssey, or you can fly in from your home country.
The treks that are popular routes which most adventurers do are listed here, again each trek has its own levels of difficulty and also the terrain may vary. One needs to opt for a trek based on their own individual requirements, fitness levels and capacity as well as the time that they can assign for the adventure.

The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp Trek may be considered the mother of all the treks in Nepal. This trek  takes you so close to the highest mountains in the world. You reach the spot from where so many valiant mountaineers have launched their assault to climb the highest mountain peak in the world. As you walk along a path which has also seen the footfalls of legendary mountaineers who have climbed the literal pinnacle of success, you will feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins. The trek takes you through the remote villages inhabited by the friendly and warm Sherpas of Nepal who have legendary knowledge of the mighty Himalayas and its whims and vagaries. You climb, climb, and climb. The highest elevation that you reach in the Everest Base Camp trek is about five thousand and six hundred meters at Kala Patthar.
The Everest Base Camp Trek takes about twelve days to complete and this includes about eight days to reach the base camp and about four days to get back. The starting and ending point of the Everest Base Camp Trek is a place called Lukla. The trek from Lukla to the Everest Base Camp covers a distance of approximately sixty two kilometers. The trek starts at an altitude of  about 2,850 metres and climbs to about five thousand six hundred meters. Hence the trek is done slowly conserving the energy and adjusting the higher altitudes. 
The Everest Base Camp trek ranges from moderate to challenging and can be tough on the knees. But as an adventure it is probably one of its kind in the world taking you close to the ultimate challenge for any mountaineer, the Mount Everest.
Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Those who feel overwhelmed by the challenges of the Everest Base Camp trek need not despair. There are many other treks in Nepal that afford a spectacular experience and yet are more easier and less challenging. One of these is the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. This trek is done over five days and Pokhara is the nearest town to the starting point of the trek. This trek is relatively and takes one through the mountain villages right up to the peak of Poon hill at an altitude of three thousand two hundred and ten metres. The Poon Hill peak lies in the center of the Annapurna mountain ranges and provides stunning views of the entire Annapurna range of mountains including peaks like Mount Dhaulagiri and Macchapucchre.
The Ghorepani Poon Hill trek gives the experience of the Himalayan mountains and is relatively easy. A great trek to absorb the beauty of nature and also interact with the simple people inhabiting the remote villages. An adventure guaranteed to thrill.

Nagarkot Changunarayan Trek

If you are looking for a fairly easy trek with spectacular views and not too far from the capital city of Kathmandu, then the Nagarkot Changunarayan trek is the answer. The trek starts from the beautiful and picturesque town of Nagarkot which is about twenty nine kilometers from the capital city of Kathmandu, The Nagarkot Changunarayan trek lasts for two days and the maximum elevation it reaches is about two thousand and one hundred metres. The route provides for some spectacular views that include what must easily be one of the most beautiful sights on the planet. The rays of the morning sun caressing the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. The trek also takes one to some heritage villages where one can get close to an ancient culture.

Nepal is a veritable treasure house when it comes to treks, these are just three of the many trekking options that the mountain nation of Nepal offers. Can you hear the call of the mountains? 


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