Thursday, January 4, 2018

My First Time to Visit a Marine-Themed Park in Manila

Since it is a start of the year, I would like to share with you my first time visiting a marine themed park in Manila.
It was a sunny day in December when me and my sister alongside with my baby decided to visit Manila Ocean Park.
I am eager to visit it because I never been into this place ever.(Yes, I know right?)
I heard great things about it that includes live interactions with animals and nature.
Before I share with you our adventure, I would like to give you a brief introduction about this.
Manila Ocean Park is the Philippine's first world-class marine theme park and a premiere educational facility.
It is an integrated urban resort with marine life attractions and aqua-themed hotel which I didn't tried yet.
There's a lot of people when we visit the place because I think it's an excursion of some elementary students.
We availed the promo which the sales lady told me that includes 9 attractions.
After that, we proceed to our first attraction - the Oceanarium.
The Oceanarium is home to 14,000 marine creatures from around 277 species.
It is a stunning walk through of the watery depths featuring seven sections and containing 3,000 cubic meters of seawater.
Just a tip for first timer that in order to capture a photo like below, you may opt to visit the attraction late night or before it close so you can avoid a bunch of people.
Next, we visit the Jellies Exhibit.
It has various jellyfish species with a fascinating display of multi media effects and breathtaking music.
I would highly suggest to follow the rules when inside the attraction because some people are still taking photos with flash on which I think can harm or disturb the creatures.
Not only in this but to several attractions that you have close encounter with them.
We are totally blown away with the colors and how amazing the jellyfish dances to the rhythm.
Next, we visit The Birds of Prey Kingdom.
It is one of the newest attraction Manila Ocean Park has.
It is a close encounter with these winged wonders within a unique bird sanctuary as they perched the coast of Manila Bay.
Then, we visit the Trails to Antartica wherein we saw penguin for the first time.
It brings us closer to the coldest and most mysterious place on earth.
Right after that, we tried the fish spa because it closes early.
I always love trying out this relaxing spa.
It is like bonding with doctor fishes that nibble your dead skin cells on your thin feet.
Then, we visit the World of Creepy Crawlers which my baby don't like.
It is about learning more of the importance of some creatures.
It is feared by many but the educational tour it offers makes me think of the importance they have in our ecosystem.
Next to the last is the my baby's favorite, the Sea Lion Show which opens late that time and there's a long queue of line.
We watched the penguins showcase their talent by giving us a fantastic show with their special skills.
Last but not the least is the Symphony Evening Show.
It is an amazing elemental show with different display of water fountains.
They have 3D shows too with musical performance.
It was a tiring but exciting adventure we experienced.
I myself would say that I will come back again soon but this time maybe I'll try to stay at their underwater hotel.
If you would like to know more about Manila Ocean Park, you may call their trunkline +63 2 567 7777 or email them at
They open from 10:00am til 8:00pm daily.
Just a few tips to my readers that you can score big discounts if you purchase tickets online like in Metrodeal.
How do you find this park?
Would you bring your family here too?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
* (c) Some of the photos are grab from *

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