Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tassel Off Shoulder Top & Christmas Shopping Tips

Happy 1st week of December everyone!
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
For today's post is to feature my tassel off shoulder top and since Christmas is fast approaching, I would like to give you some shopping tips.
This top is from Jewels and it has a lot of branches that is commonly located in the mall.
I love their clothes because it is cheap and the designs are trendy.
I always love visiting their shop every now and then because of the affordable clothes and speaking of cheap is that it reminds me of Divisoria.
As for everyone's information, Divisoria is a place in Manila wherein there's a lot of cheap items you can buy from less than $1 and up.
At the moment, they are running the night market wherein you can find lots of stalls in the streets offering a wide variety of items from clothes to anything you might think of in a cheap price.
December is the busiest month for the vendors there and there's a lot of people you can see.
Just a tip for first timers that will go there, if you are from north you can ride a jeepney in Morayta with Divisoria signage or if you are from south, you can ride a jeepney at Lawton with Divisoria signage.
It is better to visit it in the morning wherein people are not that much but the items will cost more because the stalls are only open in the mall than the items sold at night because they are selling in the streets.
What I really like about this place is that you can bid the price of the item you want.
You can bid on the price you like but be nice in asking it to vendors.
The nicer you are, the better they agree with your offer.
You can score big discounts too if you buy in bulk.
You should have at least 3 shops to asked about the price of the item because some stalls give higher price than others but they have same quality.
Please be reminded also to always mind your belongings during the visit and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Simpler and comfy are the better options because definitely you will sweat a lot and get tired at the end of the day.
And that's why Divisoria is called the Shopping Capital of the Philippines.
What do you think of my top?
Would you dare to visit this place too to score big discounts?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading.
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