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5 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Become Science Geek

Learning is part of growing process, and teaching your child as early as their age will make them smarter in the future. Do you want your kids to learn Science and become a Science geek? Teaching Science to your kids might be challenging, but there is always a way and technique to teach them better. In this article, you will learn how to teach your kids as early as their youthful age.

1. Expose them to Science books.

Honestly, Science is one of the most exciting subject compared to others. You’ll discover new things and you’ll see awe-inspiring illustrations of nature. If you want your kids to accept Science as their favorite subject, you should expose them to various sources that involves Science in it.

You can start by showing them pictures of stars, moon, sun, planet, and the different part of the universe. If you don’t have Science book yet, you may copy sources and pictures from the internet. You can print out those pictures and teach their kids the right term for each picture.

2. Watch discovery channel with them.

Instead of exposing your child with cartoons, and other movies for kids, you can watch discovery channel together with them. It won’t be boring, especially if they feature variety of animals on it. It would be also exciting if the theme focuses on the universe and the various creations.

3. Search for Paleontology and animal topics for kids. 

Animal is one of the most exciting part of Science that can hook little ones’ attention. You may start with diverse kinds of dinosaurs to start with your teaching. Learning this kind of topic can help your child to learn about ecology, scientific method, and the life process of each kind. Look for DVDs, books, and magazines that feature the extinct life of animals that were existing before.

4. Make projects with them.

Doing this step will help you and your child to become closer with each other, and learn at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. One more thing, it is reassuringly satisfying to your children. What are the projects you can work together? You can start by making planets, or the animal kingdom. You just need a little preparation and analyzing the project before working it out. You can watch from YouTube channel to study the tutorial videos.

Making projects might be time consuming, but doing this together will be totally worth it. Your child isn’t the only one to benefit from this kind of activities. You can do this activity weekly or if you think that you don’t have enough time to do so, you can set a schedule once a month. This could a family bonding too! Doing things together with your kids will help them to become more matured, and learn Science the fun way.

5. Keep up with the latest science discoveries.

To make your kids to become Science geek, you should also make it your goal to learn Science. Instead of searching unnecessary news, why don’t you spend your time studying new discoveries? This can help you to gain more ideas of what to teach your little ones. This will also help your kids to learn the process of Science, to learn how to connect innovative ideas from old ideas. Science is improving, so you should make it a goal to keep your pace, and teach your kids the latest Science news.

6. Bring your child to Nature Parks and Ocean Parks.

Within holidays and vacation, you can set a plan together with the family. You can start by visiting Zoo to teach your children the various kinds of animals, and what kind of habitat they live in. Seeing them in person than pictures is truly more knowledgeable. As you go together at Nature Park, you can mention the names of each animal and tell them what group they belong.

If your children love sea creatures, you may bring them in Ocean park and see the majestic sea monsters and little fishes. This will sure leave them in awe looking at the amazing creations under the sea. It will also help them to appreciate the creations. They can also learn how to take care of these animals.

Learning should be fun, and doing these few steps above can help your child to become a Science-geek in the future. Teach them while they are still young ones for they will not leave it behind when the right time comes.

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