Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Happy Wednesday!
How's your Christmas preparation?
Christmas is almost one week to go and I just can't wait to meet my friends and family to celebrate this holiday season.
Since it's just a week ago, I still didn't have a chance to buy some gifts due to busy schedule.
So what I did today is I made a list of easy gift ideas for busy people like me:
(1) Perfume - if you know what is his/her favorite scent, I think this is one of the perfect gifts for him/her that is easy to purchase on your local store. Some of my recommended perfumes are D&G Light Blue, Jo Malone, and FLOWER BY KENZO.
(2) Power bank - most of the times we run out of battery for our gadgets and I think it's a great gift for anyone plus it's easy to purchase at your local electronics shop. One of the best shops in the UAE is SHARAF DG as they offer wide variety of electronics from TV to mobile and so much more.
(3) Headset/headphone - who doesn't love music? Of course each of us loves to shuffle our playlist every now and then and it's a perfect gift for music lovers as well. You may want to check SKULL CANDY for great designs and sizes that suit you well or even the person you will gift it too.
(4) Chocolates - I love receiving chocolate, even guys do as well. I know it will add more calories but who cares, chocolates are chocolates period. You may want to check PATCHI as they offer chocolate gifts at very affordable price plus they can let you try some of their chocolates in store.
(5) Spa Treat - this is the best gift so far for me especially for ladies. It's nice to receive gifts that actually give relaxation once for all. TALISE SPA in Jumeirah is one of the best luxurious spas I can totally recommend.
(6) Jewelry - not only ladies love jewelries right now, even guys love it. It's a perfect accent to our outfits and style. Why not gift your girlfriends with a statement necklace? HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE is the perfect place to shop amazing designs for them. They offer wide variety of colors, lengths and stones on it.

That's it for now.
I hope you get some sort of ideas for a rush Christmas gifts.
How about you?
What can you add to the list?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
H&M top | BLACK LABEL skirt | HAPPINESS BOUTIQUE necklace | DOLCE VITA shoes

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