Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Remember my summer vacation in my home town a few months ago?
This is the reason why I got tanned skin when I get back here in the UAE.
My vacation will not be complete without going to one of best beaches in the Philippines.
Let me share with you my #travelventure at Pagudpud.
Pagudpud is a fourth class municipality and a coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte province, in the northern Ilocos Region of the Philippines.
They called this place "Boracay of the North" since it's located in the northern part and had white sand.
I remember when I was a kid, me and my family loves to visit our grandmother and grandfather in Solsona province.
I never had a chance to visit Pagudpud because they told me that it's too far and only few people are coming up there since the place is hard to reach.
Aha! Finally, just few months ago I got the chance to visit this wonderful place.
We drove from Solsona to Pagudpud 4-5 hours. Weeew that's far!
You know that you reached the place when you see rocks and caves along the way which I will be posting next time :)
It's summer time when we visit the place so there's a lot of people enjoying the sun.
I love the fact that they made it child friendly because they put up some statues to entertain such kid like me though this one is kind a scary.
The best part of those statues is this one-- if you already know me and read my previous post from my previous blog that I do loved spongebob and friends a lot.
So i didn't miss the chance to take pictures with them. Yayyyyy!
Its white-sand beaches and crystal-blue water makes Pagudpud a haven for tourists.
Just a pre-caution to do not walk barefoot because the sand is too hot, literally hot that it will burn your soles.
Credit to my paparazzi brother for taking such candid photos of me.
I really feel like sweating all over and want to swim on the beach.
After our picture sesh, I put on my swimwear and run to the beach and never had such pictures afterwards.
The water is cool and you'll enjoy it very much since there's lot of huge waves coming your way.
Me and my family enjoyed it a lot and it's worth while driving here for 4-5 hours.
Too bad we didn't had a chance to cook the fresh food that we bring because it's not allowed to burn some woods and cook along the beach.
Luckily we bring some home cook foods :)
I will never forget my summer vacay here in Pagudpud and I will definitely come back here maybe with my future kids, who knows?
Thank you for reading.
I hope you like it.
Have a great day.
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