Sunday, July 5, 2015


Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone's having a good weekend.
I know Sunday is a family day and usually we don't forget to get our grocery done before the day ends.
We plan and carry out some list before we go ahead to our favorite shop to buy some groceries.
I will let you know what I usually buy in my grocery lists, here are:
* Quinoa- I never forget to buy this as this is my best alternative to white rice. I know it's quite pricey in the market but the health benefits is not measurable. It's a super food that can fuel you throughout the day without feeling any hunger.
* Green Tea- I always make sure that I have stocks of this as I consume it 2-3 times a day. It's been 2 years since I started drinking tea and it gives a lot of benefits.
* Yogurt- when I want something light just to snack on, I opt to buy this one. For me this is a best alternative to ice cream when I'm craving.
* Fruits- I love fruits so once in a while i'm buying different kinds of it such as avocado, orange, banana, strawberries, blackberries, apple and watermelon.
* Veggies- I'm not such a fan but I have a particular lists of my faves such as okra or ladyfinger, spinach, kangkong & eggplant.
* Cereal and Milk- this pair goes very well in my morning routine.
So that's it. That's what I usually buy that really help fuel my everyday life.
How about you?
What's on your list?
Let me know.
Thanks for reading.
Have a good day.
H&M top | FOREVER21 shorts | ZARA sling bag | COTTON ON sandals

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  1. I love your outfit Zarrah Jane! Cool post and location!XOXO

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