Wednesday, July 20, 2022

How to Deal with Hair Loss Due to Stress

As we grow older, we are worried about hair loss that is why it’s important to use a hair product that helps prevent it! I believe in that beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp!👌🏻
I recommend AMOS Green Tea Shampoo, the Korean professional hair brand for salons. It has core technology for total scalp care with Jeju white leaf green tea extract featuring 3 times the level of amino acid that improves the scalp environment and strengthens the hair while a strong plant-derived caffeine relieves hair loss symptoms. It makes the hair full, voluminous, fresh-feeling scalp, and has green fresh scent.
Here are some of tips on how to deal with hair loss:
* Eat a Healthy Diet
It is important not only for hair loss issue to eat nutritious food. It is importaant to have a healthy balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein foods. 
* Take a supplement
Ever since we are a child or a baby, our parents always make sure that we take vitamins for us to grow up healthy. It is same thing as we grow older, we needed supplements that can help or fill in those vitamins that we lack in everyday. For hair loss, it is important to take vitamins with Vitamin D, Zinc, Ferritin, and Vitamin B12.
* Use a silicone-oil-free shampoo
It is important to choose products or brands that can help strengthen and nourished your hair to prevent hair loss. Just like AMOS Green Tea Shampoo that has a nourishing effect for hair and scalp that has been weakened by stress and unhealthy environment, revitalizes and cleanses scalp. The green tea from clean Jeju island fields’ contains amount of amino acids that are the building block of proteins and necessary for hair growth. Not only does it facilitate healthy hair growth, but they also help in stimulating new hair growth. It has WHITE LEAF GREEN TEA (also known as white matcha), which features 3 times the amount of amino acid than normal varieties, that also helps you to provide hair with moisture and strength, as well as preventing baldness and hair-loss, boosting your confidence in style. AMOS PROFESSIONAL, a company from Amorepacific Corp, is a salon hair care and styling brand, which was created by joint efforts of Korean hairdressers and researchers. The brand proposes a sincere hair solution with reliable ingredients and effective techniques, achieves beauty through professional touch based on customer empathy
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