Tuesday, August 10, 2021


How are you doing there?
Hang on, I'll be sharing with you some positive thoughts today.
It's been a rough road lately in my life and if you are reading my previous blogs, I mentioned that me and my family got contracted with COVID.
Well, to be honest, last week when we finished our 14 days quarantine and got cleared by our health authorities, I feel relieved and felt like reborn.
I felt like I got a new purpose in my life and my life depends on my choices.
So for today, I would like to share with you some of the things I realized after I got sick:
1. Health is super important
As they said, health is wealth.
It is super important to take care of your health physically, mentally, and also emotionally.
All of this should be balanced and should be always on the lookout.
Like in my case, I am a very active person and I work out pretty much every day and I must say that I got sick because mentally I am exhausted from work and I even got burnout from personal issues as well.
I think one person should workout at least 3x a week or sweat, eat healthy nutritious food that you enjoy, drink lots of water, meditate, don't stress yourself so much, talk to that person you trust and loved, if you have something to say that it is on your mind and just let it out.
2. Family is a priority
As they said, family first.
The recent incident made me realize the ties that we have.
You know who is the person who is there with you when times fall.
I am not only about immediate families like husband and kids but also about those close friends you have that are always there to support always.
In times like this, you know who cared for you and give time to you.
There will be no company, brands, coworkers, acquaintances, or neighbors that will be there for you, only those who cared for you heartily.
3. Life is short
As they said, YOLO - you only lived once.
This is pretty accurate, we only have one life and that life is super important that we must cherish every single second of it.
When you are in the near-death life experience, that is when you realized your previous happy and bad experiences.
You remind yourself that the current situation that you have is not permanent and you have more bad and exhausting experiences in the past that you succeeded.
You remind yourself of the happy experiences as well and you want to do more in life after finishing the current situation.
That is pretty much the realization I had in our previous situation and I must say that I am a COVID survivor and will share my experiences and learnings from it.
Do you agree with my list?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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