Friday, December 13, 2019

Order the Perfect Customize Gift Online - DIY Lipstick

Every woman is always searching for the perfect shade of lipstick.
For many, this pursuit is, at times, frustrating, whether you’re a confessed lipstick fanatic or a newbie to the world of makeup.
Here to ease the pain is Lab-i Lipstick Design Studio in Eastwood City, a store that’s 100% dedicated to lipstick. 
Lab’i opened its doors on Valentine's day 2019 at Eastwood, Citywalk 2, second floor.
It is an experience store where the entire family can come and join us in customize healthy and edible lipsticks.
Watch their lipstick specialists make your choice in less than 10 minutes.
Introducing, their new online DIY lippie order wherein you can customize your lipstick and have it delivered on your doorstep without visiting the actual store.
First, you need to accomplish the form and follow step to step procedure.
There are 150 shades to choose from, a shade is on hand for every fickle minded woman.
Choose your very own case, scent, and shape where fun is the name of the game in creating 
Choose your very own case, scent, and shape where fun is the name of the game in creating your lipstick.

Safe for pregnant women and children, you no longer have to worry about the unknown chemicals that go into your very own creation.
Their lipsticks are specifically formulated for Asian woman.
Watch your skin glow and eyes pop when you wear one of our creations.
For more info, you may email them at or visit or call 02 82345801.
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