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Dressing For A Formal Event In Summer

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Summer is pretty much upon us and with that comes plenty of different formal occasions, from proms and homecoming to weddings and more. While beautiful events are always a lot of fun, they’re so much more fun when you don’t need to stress too much about what to wear.

While the sunshine and high temps are great, though, figuring out exactly what to wear is a little scary. We love summer formal events, though, which is why we’ve put together this list of tips to make sure you get your look just right this formal event season.

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What to Wear to a Formal Event In Summer

First things first, let’s take a quick look at some proper formal event attire:

·         Evening formal wear – For this type of event, a dress is the way to go. From a maxi dress and flats to a little black dress and stilettos, it’s about comfort and style.
·         Semi-formal daytime wear – Dressy separates or heels and a cocktail dress.
·         Semi-formal evening wear – A little black dress, for sure!
·         Black tie optional – Cocktail dress and heels or a more formal dress
·         Black tie – A formal dress, gown or very smart cocktail attire

The Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Formal Wear

Firstly, avoid wearing sequins or black to a daytime event. They’re better left for the evening. But do take your cue from the invitation or theme. If there isn’t a dress code, it’s better air on the dressier side.
Image Source: Pexels
For summer, pick feminine prints like bright colours and florals but avoid anything too sexy. You never want to show off a lot of skin to a formal event.

Also keep in mind that events held after 6pm are more dressy, so you’ll need to adjust your attire and accessories accordingly. Also, since it’s hot, avoid chunky jewellery and try something more dainty and elegant.

A Few More Top Tips

Summer formal events absolutely call for light fabrics that breathe easily. So, look for outfits in satin, silk, linen blends and natural fibres. Synthetic fabrics and especially polyester capture and retain body heat, making you sweaty and uncomfortable.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still find stunning formal summer dresses to wear. If a particular style doesn’t fit or work for your body type, shop around to find something that works for you.


Here’s the bottom line – it doesn’t matter what season it may be; the whole point is to acknowledge and celebrate the occasion. It could be your special day or someone else’s, but no matter the event, the point is to find an outfit, a jumpsuit, a skirt or a dress that you feel comfortable and special in. You want to feel dazzling without overheating!
Use these tips to help you find the perfect summer formal wear this hot season and you’re sure to enjoy your event minus being over dressed, over accessorised or boiling!


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