Thursday, March 28, 2019

24K Gold Experience with Pyoor Essentials

"Be like a water drop on the lotus leaf., be on it but don't be with it."
An event happens wherein Pyoor Essentials would like to get actual and "real" product review of Pyoor 24k Gold Set from ladies and men who are using other skin care line but are particular with the quality and ingredients of what they use.
The idea is to educate consumers on toxic chemicals that may affect their total wellness from the commercial skincare line. 
If we can achieve better results using Natural Products then the choice is in our hands.
I would like to share with you a little background of the company.
PYOOR ESSENTIALS INTERNATIONAL is a company founded by a seasoned businessman & renowned network marketing industry leader, banded with a power-house team of MLM movers, Cosmetic Scientist from the University of Pennsylvania, Chemists, a passionate Formulator of Organic skin care products & an FMCG top executive as a consultant. 
PYOOR ESSENTIALS INTERNATIONAL is engaged in marketing of certified organic skin care products, Kosher Certified ingredients of supplements and beverages.
The Company pride’s itself on sourcing products that are Pure, Safe, Effective and maintain a steadfast commitment to ZERO TOLERANCE of all animal testing from our product line. 
They are a duly organized and registered company on June 29, 2017, with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Company Registration No. CS201721118 with a paid-up capital of One Hundred Million Pesos (USD 2,000,000.00).
The ingredients are plant-derived, Vegan and formulated with Botanicals that have been harvested locally and from all over the world where Organic gardening and sustainability leads the industry. 
I had a chance to try the Pyoor 24K Gold Experience for the first time.
It was a 1-2 hours session wherein you will be pampered in a Gold way.
They cleanse my face with the usual start of the facial service with diamond peel though, in this kind of service, they use the Pyoor 24K Gold set.
They use the 24K Gold Bar soap to cleanse my face, then use the 24K Gold Essence to moisturize after cleaning.
Then, after all the services including diamond peel, they use the 24K Gold Mask wherein I am able to experience the tightness on my skin.
There is actually gold dusk which you can see visibly on my face.
After cleansing the mask, they finish it up by applying the 24K Evening Gel.
To know more about the products I have tried, I would like to share with you the components and benefits of the Pyoor 24K Gold Set that compose of:
* 24k Gold Bar Soap

* 24k Gold Essence 

* 24k Gold Night Gel 

* 24k Gold Mask
* maintains a skin regeneration and blood microcirculation 
* helps repair damaged skin and replenish essential lipids and moisture in the skin 
* prevent thickened skin and rejuvenate aging skin 
* restores supple & healthy skin 
* helps develop softer & firmer skin 
* increases collagen & elastin production 
* smooth out fine lines & wrinkles 
aloe vera hydrosol 
witch hazel hydrosol 
sesame seed oil 
orange peel oil 
lavender oil 
vegetable glycerin 
citric acid 
24k gold powder (amla) 
vitamin f forte ® 
vitamins a-c & e 
* reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
* reduces the appearance of sun damage
* reduces age spots
* helps lighten skin & even out skin tone
* makes skin look and feel smoother and softer
* slows down collagen depletion
* look younger almost immediately
* provides a golden glow 
* promotes skins firmness & elasticity 
* minimizes skin inflammation 
* lifts the skin 
* lessens scarring and skin blemishes 
* repairs damaged skin cells 
soap base vegetable glycerin 
vitamin c 
wheat germ (Triticum vulgare) 
marine collagen peptide 
24k gold powder 
soy peptides
sage essential oil 
* enhance exfoliation of the skin surface 
* refines and smooths the skin 
* helps shrink pores for more even texture and tone 
* resurfaces the skin without irritation 
* hydrates the skin & protects against moisture loss and oxidation damage 
amazonian clay 
grapeseed oil 
bio-enzyme plus powder 
vitamin c powder 
24k gold powder 
* helps invigorate your skin’s youthful appearance and luminous radiance
* results are immediately visible as well as progressive 
* increases collagen & elastin production
aloe vera leaf gel
vegetable glycerin 
cucumber hydrosol 
hyaluronic acid 
moroccan argan oil 
marine collagen 
tomato extract 
bearberry extract 
vitamin b3 (niacinamide) 
vitamin f forte™ 
vitamins a-c & e 
jojoba seed oil 
rosemary extract 
rosehip oil 
amla + 24k gold powder
After the 24K Gold Experience, I must say that my skin glows.
Thanks to the Pyoor 24K Gold Set gold dust!
For more information about their brand, you may call them at (+632) 477 3752 or email them at or or visit their site and visit them on their office Unit 1102 Galleria Corporate Center EDSA Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Philippines.
How do you find this?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.

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