Friday, September 7, 2018

Let's Say 'No' To Body Shaming

"We all deserve to be represented, to feel beautiful and be accepted for the bodies we have, not the bodies people tell us to have."
In today's society, people tend to classify people based on their looks and status in life.
They have the ideal body and life which everyone seems to be bothered about and that's why people started criticizing and shaming people.
Shaming is a habit been done years and years now.
Where we pretend that we never, ever would do, but 99 percent of us have done it or do it regularly.
We live in a society that is obsessed with everything.
These 'too much', 'not enough', and 'wish I had' attitudes and thinking are something we cultivate about our bodies each and every day.
Most of us are a victim as well of 'body-shaming', especially in the social media.
In my early 20's, I've been fat and some people are telling me I should cut my carbs and to monitor my eating habits.
Then, in my late 20's, I've been thin and some people are asking me if I am still eating or if I am okay.
When I got pregnant, I feel happy about the changes in my body even I had some stretch marks in some parts on my body though in the society this looks ugly.
People really don't know what's the real importance about beauty.
It is about the beholder and how happy and proud whatever flaws you had.
You might be thin, thick, short, tall, busted lady or whatever you want to call.
What is important is that you accept everything and you know in yourself that nobody's perfect.
Drop the idea of perfection and tell your body that is beautiful and absolutely, perfectly, imperfect.
We should take action now and quit the body shaming and start living your life.
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How do you find this post?
Do you agree with this?
Let me know your thoughts.

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