Thursday, July 5, 2018

An Open Letter to a Younger Version of Me

"Time flies so fast after youth is past that we cannot accomplish one half the many things we have in mind or indeed one-half of our duties."
When I was younger, I didn't worry about how I looked.
It didn't matter if I acted weird in front of people.
I had less than 15 minutes of homework a week.
I only cried when I scraped my knee.
Kissing was disgusting.
There were no "popular" people, and everyone was pretty much friends.
Books were 3/4 pictures.
And I miss that.
That's when I wish there were extra hours in the day.
How I wish I could remind myself before that it's ok to pause for a while and enjoy the moment.
So here I am, trying to remind myself of all the things that went through and here's my open letter to a younger version of me.
Dear Myself,
I know everything right now is overwhelming.
Every day is such an amazing day.
Not many worries and problems to think about.
Yes, that's okay.
Live with it until it last because you never know when it will end.
Enjoy every moment spent with your family especially your parents because they will never be young anymore.

Go out and have some fun with your friends because it's the right time to do so.
Make friends too and don't be afraid of rejection.
Maybe that's a better way to filter the true ones.
Explore new places and don't be afraid of traveling alone.
Maybe you will find yourself and what you really want in life.
Don't forget to keep your pace steady and in that way, everything will be in control.

Be focus on your study and don't let it eat you.
It's nice to learn while having fun!
And always remember that a good education can lead you elsewhere better.
Don't rush yourself in love.
Maybe someday somewhere somebody will love you the way you loved them.
It may seem too early to talk about this but it's better to know that real love will just around the corner and you just need to wait.

When it comes to career, choose something that you absolutely love.
Don't accept a job you will regret later just because you need experience.
It's better to work and love what you are doing at the same time.
And also, adapt to changes because it's the only permanent thing in the world.
Eventually, you will understand everything I said here.
Just remember that whatever choices you make in life, it will don't make you less as a person.
Just in case, you made a wrong decision, it's okay.
We are human.
We do mistake a lot.
And what is important is that we are learning something from it.

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