Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mt. Talamitam & Mt. Apayang: Hiking Two Mountains in One Day Part 1

Last month, my colleague invited me to went for a hike in Nasugbu, Batangas.
I never been there and I love adventure so I decided to give it a try.
They said that the difficulty level is easy and beginners are encouraged to join.
The mountains are called Mt. Talamitam & Mt. Apayang - the Twin Mountains.
This is actually my first time to do traverse hiking wherein you will visit two or more mountains and the catch of it is that you will hike it for one day.(sounds exciting right?)
Anyways, we depart Manila at 6:00 am and reach Nasugbu, Batangas at 10:00 am which makes the traveling time using a private car is 3-4 hours depends on the stopover and traffic.
Since we stop over at Tagaytay, we take a bit longer than expected.
After we reached the location in Nasugbu, we are brief by locals and let us register before hiking.
We start off by walking through the village and then cross the river using a bamboo bridge.
Then we start off the 3-4 hours trek.
The terrain is up and down and there's a lot of steep trails that make us catch our breath.
Every peak we reached, there is definitely a great view that you can see.
It is worth the energy and sweat!
The weather is a bit windy and foggy with a little bit of rainfall.
We reached the summit after 3 hours and nothing feels great to be on the top.
Though the weather is not in favor with us because of thick fogs that we can't able to see below.
This is the first half of our day as we venture the Mt. Talamitam.
For P100 pesos or $2, we're able to experience to hike this beautiful mountain.
This is just the first half of my adventure and I will share with you my second part on my next blog and stay tuned on my VLOG.
Thanks for reading.

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