Monday, November 6, 2017

Geeky is the new sexy

Happy Monday everyone!
How's your weekend?
I hope you had a great one.
Anyway, I would like to share with you my outfit during our food adventure trip to Kantorini which I blogged last week which you can find here -> Santorini-Inspired Food Park
For today, I would like to share with you my High School experience and how is geeky related to it.
Geeky is from the term geek which means unfashionable and socially inept.
Sometimes they are also the ones who are knowledgeable and obsessively interested in something, especially technology.
Before 21st century, people who are falling in this category are commonly bullied at school or in the community but right now these people are considered smart and who are well-informed about something.
I consider myself geek not because I am smart but I fall in between.
When I was in high school, people think that I am weird and geek because I am different from them.
I was never a popular student but I usually excel at school.
My classmates think that I think differently to most of them and even my teachers bullied me because they can't even figure me out.
There comes a time during high school when I almost give up studying.
I don't study or even review before examination.
I live what they see on me and that's just fall on me.
I nearly drop out on my school and even call the attention of my parents because I am skipping classes.
Then, my parents scolded me and even threaten me to stop schooling and that is when I realize that I am actually living to what people think of me which is wrong.
So I get it, my grades went down and I even downgrade my section and come senior years when I realize that I should live on what I think I should be.
When the school starts, I become the geeky version in the 21st century and started focusing on my studies.
I didn't care much on what other people think about me and try to do the best.
All my hardwork and sacrifice paid off when I graduated with honors  for class section category and been admitted and passed to a university as a scholar.
That's why I believe that geeky is the new sexy of our generation!
Those were the people who are bullied and stand up for their own will and succeed in life!
For you, what do you think of being a geek?
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for dropping by.
Have a great week ahead.
Top : Sportjan(online store) | Shorts : Pull & Bear | Shoes : Vans | Bag : Chloe | Sunglasses : Vans | Watch : Blauling

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