Monday, September 18, 2017

To blog or not to blog?

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Well for today's blog will be a bit personal.
This is about me and the blogging world.
Sometimes I wonder what If I didn't blog at all and what I am doing right now?
And what if I continue being an active blogger since 2013, where I am right now?
There's a lot of thoughts wandering in my mind.
I will start off sharing with you on how I started.
I was working 8am-6pm job in Abu Dhabi from 2013.
To be honest the desk job is quite boring and I don't find it amusing sitting down for hours.
I am a very adventurous person and I love connecting with people, nature, etc.
Before that, I was very active in Instagram when in comes to sharing my daily life and especially my #ootd.
Some people are asking or rather suggesting to put up my own blog or site.
So I had an idea to why not make my own blog?
I am hesitant at first because I really don't have any idea on how to run a blog or a site.
I don't have an IT background to create and run a site which I will be administering.
Well everything is just facts, not until I started making a site in Blogger which doesn't have it's own domain or rather site name because I really don't know how.
As I remember, my first post is about how I am doing that day.
It was all plain text and ranting on how my day was.
Then, I had an idea to put up my #ootd which I am posting in instagram to be shared live in my blog.
I received good feedback and comments in my blog.
Back then, I am using my Iphone5s phone to capture my outfits not until I decided to buy my very first DSLR and started shooting outdoors by myself.
Its is very hard especially when you just point and shoot yourself by timer.
One of the challenges is also editing the photos.
I don't have any knowledge with Photoshop and I just relay to online editing site such as Picmonkey wherein it only edit simple features of the photo.
Well, it helps me a lot through the years and I am crediting all my photos with them.
When it comes to blogging, I can say that it gives me fruitful years.
There's a lot of PR companies contacting me for collaboration.
There's local companies wanted to send me products or rather services for me to review.
I've been travelling a lot, tried hundreds of restaurants & hotels and been invited to events quite often.
You can say I am #blessed but it is enough for you to be called blogger?
Then, there comes a point in my life that I ask myself, why do I blog? does it serve it's purpose?
Truly, some things change wherein we give up because we get tired or maybe it doesn't make it sense anymore.
I stop blogging for a while and been skipping months before posting another one.
But why is it so?
Maybe there's a lot of things happening in my life that I forget what is my passion.
Or maybe it's the end of it's purpose in my life?
Well nobody knows when it will last and how long I can stand.
I just want everybody to know that it's not easy but it's not also hard.
As long as you are loving what you are doing, things will surpassed and you might still want try your best to do what you love.
Continue to inspire other people and don't mind the numbers.
Just blog yourself out and be yourself!
Those are the things that keeps me blogging and keep me steady.
I hope I inspire you a little in my little personal blog today.
Hope to see you on my next post.
All comments are welcome and I can't wait to read yours.
Thanks for reading.
* This post is dedicated to my blog and to celebrate my 4th Blogniversary *
Top: Shopee | Shorts: Pull & Bear | Shoes: Adidas

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