Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Secret to a Beautiful Makeup

Happy Thursday everyone!
It's been a while since I've been away from my blog and now I promise myself that 2017 will be the year wherein I'll be more active in my blog and social media.
There were few things happen lately in my life and I think most of us experienced it.
The thing that we need to do is to move on and focus on what's ahead.
Today, I'll be introducing to you a great beauty regime from Nivea.
It consist of eye makeup remover, micellar water and facial wash.
I will discuss here my honest review regarding the product starting of:
* Nivea Cleanse & Care Face Wash - If you are from normal to dry skin, this is the perfect facial wash for you because it leaves your skin hydrated and moisturizes with it's foamy texture.
* Nivea Micellar Water - I am a big fan of micellar water because for me, it really removes my makeup even just for one try. This makeup remover is very delicate to any skin types and it has sensitive caring which helps people with sensitive skin use this without hesitation.
* Nivea Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover - I usually remove my makeup with micellar and water only but I never used eye make up remover before but this one works well with me. It removes my eye liner makeup fast and doesn't leave my makeup smudge.
Overall, this new products from Nivea are worth to try because of being gentle on skin and it doesn't leave your skin dry.
How about you?
Did you ever try any Nivea products?
How does it goes?
Feel free to share your experiences.
Thanks for reading.
(Nivea Kit by Taskspotting UAE)

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