Monday, May 30, 2016

Printed Maxi Dress at 34 Weeks

Happy Monday everyone!
I've been trying my best to post at least once a week now that I am near my due date.
I am resting and trying to eat healthy for a while to prepare myself on the big day.
It may not be easy but I know everything will turn out just fine.
So for today's maternity style post is about maxi.
When my bump started to show, I had a hard time wearing my shorts and jeans.
I stop wearing it since I find it uncomfortable especially on the belly part.
I got a big obsession with maxi dresses and loose top dress right now.
First, I find it comfortable and easy to put it on and off.
Then, I can move freely with it.
And lastly, it's a great style not to hide the bump but to make me a little bit smaller on actual look.
I love the fact that I can still wear it even after birth and think that it is a great add on on our wardrobe.
How do you find maxi dress?
Let me know your thoughts.
FOREVER21 maxi dress | FOREVER21 mandals | MAX hat


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