Saturday, February 13, 2016

What to wear on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and many women hunt for a perfect date night outfit.
Do you have any plans yet?
Today, let me give you some inspiration on what to wear on your special day.
1) LBD - You can never go wrong with this timeless piece. It goes with anything and it is very versatile. You can add a coat, a simple clutch or bag and killer heels to finish your look. Don't forget to accessorize but don't overdo it.
2) WRAP DRESS - I feel sexy when I'm wearing this. It is really comfortable and very classy looking. So for me it's a great piece to wear on a date night. You can wear any color and I suggest vibrant colors like blue, red, pink, yellow or whatever you prefer.
3) MAXI SKIRT - If you don't want to show off and feel like wearing something comfortable. You can wear a maxi skirt over any top. It is very classy looking and perfect also for out of town or beach getaway.
4) TIGHT SKIRT - Showing off  is never a sin especially when you have something to show. Tight skirt is a lovely way to say, "I'm ready for tonight!". It can be paired with any top whether it is loose, tight fitting or crop top like mine.
5) SKATER SKIRT - This is a modest version of tight skirt. If you love to be playful and wear something comfortable, this is something that would look good on you. It can be paired with any top as well.
6) SPORTY LOOK - Most of the times, woman tend to get tired of heels and prefer flat shoes or sneakers. It's a great trend right now to look chic but still feel comfy in sneakers. Sometimes men prefer you to look at ease with what you wear and be in line with their style. It's a great outfit if you are going out for movies, theme park, or any outdoors activity.
7) MIDI SKIRT - If you are heading to a tropical getaway, you may love to wear a midi skirt over a bandeau. It's very chic and classy looking at the same time. You can wear midi skirt as well with any top if you prefer if you are planning for a date night. Midi skirts always look classy and chic.
8) TROUSERS - If you love to keep it simple yet so chic, you can wear trousers. It looks classy and on point. It is a great outfit for people who doesn't want to show off and keeping their style low profile.
How do you find my suggestions?
Put your lipstick on and get working on that glamed makeup and enjoy the rest of the day.
Just remember that everyday is a Valentine's Day.
Have a great one!

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