Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Happy Tuesday!
I know every parents now is very busy since the holiday is over and the children are back to school again.
Time flies so fast that 2016 is starting to kick off.
Well, today I would like to share with you my outfit for the day that is some what related.
I remember when I was in college, I prefer to wear something different since we have a uniform.
Luckily, we have a dry day that means we can anything we want as long it not violating the school dress code.
I always make sure to dress up a little since it's only once a week.
So what are the things I usually wear/bring on that day:
* Tights - I always wear anything with tights because it can be paired to any top/dress top or skirt. It's also to be sure that i'm conforming with the school policies.
* Dress - midi dress or anything that is not above the knee dresses are a sure thing on my mind.
* Jeans - the easy and best way to look relax when going to school.
* Polo shirt - when i'm feeling a little comfy and laid back.
* Skirt - preferably midi skirt or maxi skirt are acceptable.
* Blazer - something very chic and classy looking with any top or dress.
* Coat - especially on cold weather and wear a dress inside of it.
*  Closed shoes - whether it is rubber shoes, sneakers, doll shoes, boots or any shoes that doesn't reveal my feet since it's not allowed to go inside the campus on slippers because it looks unprofessional.
* Simple accessories - a pair of earrings or a great statement necklace or a nice bangle bracelet or a watch would do. Just don't overdo it.
* Backpack - I love bringing it because the space can maximize all the stuff i needed to go to school.
* Shoulder bag - a bag can go along with your dress or chic outfit.
As for my outfit today, I wore a black long sleeve top with lace details, a skater skirt with black tights on it and black closed shoes.
How about you?
What are the things you wear/bring at school when you're feeling of dressin' up?
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day!
ICONIC top | COTTON ON skirt | H&M tights | COMFY PLUS shoes | SPLASH sunnies


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