Sunday, April 10, 2016

Summer Pregnancy Guide

Happy Sunday everyone!
I'm hoping everyone's having a great weekend so far.
Excuse me for posting some of my previous summer photos wearing a one piece suit.
I know it will be the last hurrah I'll be having before I get bigger and bigger in few weeks later.
I am 28 weeks right now and I am welcoming the third trimester with a sour taste and sleepless nights.
Everything went well in my previous trimester since I am active in working out and eating healthy.
I know not everyone is a fan of working out during pregnancy as it may cause complications if without supervision of your doctors.
Well as for me, I am quite active before I get pregnant and I think it helps me not experiencing those morning sickness and pains during the first trimester as what they said.
Right now that my bump is getting bigger, I am lessening the impact of my workout.
I'm hoping that this won't be my last swimsuit photo as I am afraid people will be judging me when I wear one lol.
As we know that summer is fast approaching, I just would like to share with you some of my summer pregnancy tips below:
1) Drink lots of water - our body needed a lot of fluid especially when we are pregnant. It can help regulate your blood circulation and stay hydrated as we know that our bodies getting hotter especially on summer.
2) Show some skin - I know not all people would love to see your baby bump but who cares? Stand and be proud.
3) Always wear sunglasses - our eyesight is a bit poor during pregnancy due to changes in hormone so we need to invest into some eye wear that can help our vision.
4) Wear flat shoes - well for mommies that are going on for third trimester, I suggest for you to avoid high heels and feel safe with flats. As we know that our center of gravity changes due to the weight of the baby.
5) Put on sunscreen - Some may have pigmentation on their skin during pregnancy and i think we need to take care of our skin especially when going out in the sun.
6) Go for a walk - it is very essential to every pregnant woman to be active as well. We don't need to work out with a higher impact but as long as we are sweating and feeling good about ourselves. A simple walk in the park can help.
7) Go for a swim - this is the best recommended and safest workout given by our doctors. I think it helps me to ease the back pains as well.
8) Wear light clothes - it is very evident that pregnant women experience dizziness and faintness during this phase so I advice pregnant woman out there to wear comfy and light clothes when going out in the sun.
What is your point of view in here especially for mommies out there?
Do we need to be physically fit when we are expecting or should we ignore it?
What can you add to my list?
Let me know your thoughts.
Have a great day.
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