Sunday, March 27, 2016

Summer Bump Style

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!
Weeeww it's been a week since I updated my blog and how i miss this.
Well, sorry for my absence since last week wasn't my week at all.
I had a minor health issues and some problem in the road but I'm glad that I am fine right now.
And thank God that it wasn't serious at all.
This week mark my 25 weeks of pregnancy and I'm happy to tell you that upon on my last doctor visit that my baby is doing well and healthy.
I am 15 weeks away and I just can't wait to see my little baby girl.
Well, if you asked me now about my baby bump-- I might say that it is actually showing.
People at my work start to notice it now and when I told them that I am near 7 months, they can't believe it and told me that I know how to dress well in maternity style.
They didn't notice it for the last 6 months but well since my bump is so big now as much as size as a papaya, maternity clothes should be on point right now.
I know every one of us are planning for summer outfits but for me, well not that much since I can't wear skimpy clothes and bikinis to show off in the beach.
But for me, summer isn't all about showing off, it's about getting comfortable in your own skin and what will you wear that makes you comfy in the summer season.
Romper is one of my pick for summer getaways even you're having a growing baby bump.
Gladly I found this romper I am wearing at Bershka and fell in love styling it.
There are some other summer outfit choices I would love to add on as well like white loose top, cotton shorts, maxi dress and wide legged trousers goes well in your next beach trip.
Is there something you would love to add?
Feel free to share your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great start of the week.
BERSHKA romper | BERSHKA blazer | MAX hat | RIPCURL bag | DIOR sunglasses | JELLYBEAN flats


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