Sunday, March 13, 2016

Goodbye, Summer Body

Happy Sunday everyone!
I am very sorry for not updating my blog for a week now.
I am completely at bed rest due to my pregnancy but I'm happy that I am feeling better right now and glad that I get back to work.
You know the blogger problem that it seems like there is something is missing if I am not updating my blog often.
Well, I feel happier right now that I am able to get back on track.
By the way, this photo is taken when I mark my 5th month or 20 weeks of pregnancy and you can literally say that I am having a baby bump by this time.
I am 23 weeks right now and nothing feels exciting than ever.
I am actually counting the days that I can actually hold my baby on my hands.
I am starting to feel the kicks and punch on my belly right now and it feels amazing especially after eating and stroking my hands on my tummy.
Well, as the title of my post says so that I am bidding farewell on my summer body.
As I gain 7.5 kgs now and I feel fatter than ever because this is my highest weight so far.
But actually I don't care, you know why?
Because I know in time that I will be delivering a healthy looking baby.
I'm actually choosing food to eat right now and I stay away from white rice which is a big burden to me (haahaayy!).
I'm hoping that this will not be the last time I post a bikini photos (praying! lol).
How's your weekend by the way?
Hope you had a great time.
Thanks for reading this.
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