Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Happy Tuesday everyone!
Its 2016 already, times flies so fast!
Happy New Year again!
Since you, my fellow bloggers and readers are always there ready to support and appreciate my work from the start, I would love to let you know first here in my blog about the greatest blessing I received last year which I'm so excited to tell you about.
If some of you didn't know, I got married last January 2015 with my soul mate and husband.
I was blessed to found a person who always stand on my side no matter what, supports me in everything I do, being patient and cool when my mood swings strikes, loves me unconditionally, and respect me as his wife.
I cannot contain my happiness whenever I remember the day I say "I do".
As I've known him for so long, like 7 years in a bf-gf relationship-- all the flaws will turn out to be perfect.
Well my marriage life is not perfect as per reality; there are ups and downs too.
There will be a time that it will put you in test whether you stay or not.
As I thought being married is the greatest thing ever happen in my life, not until two become one.
Last October 2015, I found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant.
I cannot believe at first since I thought I am an alien that can't multiply.
Everything went smoothly and perfect as what my OB always telling me every time I'm doing the ultrasound.
It's an amazing feeling actually that a human will be form in your body.
I'm sorry if I keep it mum for a while as I don't want to spoil my pregnancy phase and as I'm a little private kind of person.
But today, I'm 13 weeks pregnant and can't wait to share you the wonderful experience I'm having and will be having more.
For my little angel, I promise to share to you what I experience about you when you are in my tummy and to let you see my very first post about you.
Thanks for reading.
Have a blessed day.
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