Monday, January 11, 2016


Happy Tuesday!
How's your week going?
I hope everyone's having a good day!
I know some of you knew the great news I've posted last week.
Since I'm on my second trimester, I'm starting to plan my outfits for the upcoming baby bump.
I'm happy that last Christmas, my sister-in-law gifted me this maxi dress.
It's one of the outfits that I actually planning to wear on my pregnancy phase.
Maxi dress is so comfy and easy to style with.
It gives an additional space on my growing baby bump.
The material is so light and stretchable.
Here are some other outfits I think pregnant women should wear that let them not to worry buying maternity clothes:
* Loose t-shirts - I love stacking up loose shirts as it is very comfortable and easy to style with. I prefer wearing white and black shirts.
* Dress - You can never go wrong with dresses. Opt for something stretchable but not too tight. Dress with elastic waistband is the best for your growing baby bump.
* Jogger pants - I love wearing this as it is comfortable especially on the waist part since it is garter that let it stretch out.
* Skirt - Yeah of course, pregnant women can still wear skirt. They can choose from different variety like midi skirt, skater skirt, pleated skirt as long as the waist part is stretchable.
* Leggings - I think most of the pregnant women loved this. It's the most comfy piece of clothing that let you breathe in and out. Just don't wear too tight as it can cause some problem on your blood flow especially on the legs.
* Sweater - It's the best time to wear this during this season. Don't actually wear some type of material such as wool or leather or anything that can prevent the oxygen on your body especially on summer season.
And here are some clothes that I think not good to wear during your pregnancy phase:
* Skinny jeans - it's a big no no really. First it tightens your bump and it's not comfy to wear. You can wear something stretchable and can let the buttons loose.
* Crop top - yeah, i know we want to show the world how beautiful it is to have a baby bump but not everyone wants to see it. It may give you bloating since there's a lot of air you're getting especially on the tummy.
* Bodycon - i love bodycon. I think it's a perfect outfit to do a baby bump shoot but not for every day. Since it's too tight and very uncomfortable to wear.
That's it for now!
I actually love to share with you my maternity style.
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my last post.
Have a nice day!
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