Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Go Green

Happy Tuesday my dearest!
Thank you for all your amazing comments in my previous blog post in here
I feel so blessed and happy while reading it all.
I may not have the biggest followers or readers but I knew that I have genuine people supporting me since then.
Well today will be a different topic to share since my previous posts are all about my pregnancy updates.
I just would like to share with you that in our home country, election phase is already starting.
We are in need to vote wisely for our President, VP, Senators and so forth.
There are a lot of issues coming in and out such as corruption, drugs, military, criminality, etc.
I always love watching the previous debates of the candidates in our local TV station.
It is very funny yet challenging to watch on what are their plans for their terms if in case they are elected on the said position.
Though I may be far from our country but I can feel the pressure of their exchanging words to one another.
One thing that I notice that they don't highlight pollution in our country which I think should be a big issue.
We knew that Philippines have a large sum of population and Filipinos are experiencing a lot of pressure on day to day living.
Nature is the biggest threat of a certain country or island I guess.
If nature strikes back, nothing else we can do about it.
I knew that putting up the issue of our environment on top is not actually the priority of certain candidates but I hope that they will do.
Trees, plants and crops are minimizing its size and the water we are drinking is not safe enough.
I just hope that in this coming election in the PH, the votes will speak the truth.
And will be looking forward for a better new beginning.
Sorry for ranting about this that some people may don't understand some of the situation in our country but I know that it is same with everybody that they would love to have an elected person who will give better life and future to their country.
Thanks for reading.
How about you?
What do you look forward for a president?
Thanks for reading.
Have a great day.
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